Travel Tips

Over the years while travelling with my camera, you pick up many travel tips and I wanted to share these with you.

Money Saving Ideas

  1. Use Airbnb for worldwide accommodation bookings.  You will save a fortune compared to booking hotels, plus have experienced local knowledge available to you at the touch of a button.  Check out other users reviews for the properties you are interested in.  They have over 60 million guest and 2 million listings!  Click here to receive a discount off your first trip.
  2. Take out a car hire excess policy.  Car hire companies charge an excess for any damage caused to the car during your hire period.  This can ofter be around £1000 unless you take out their expenses excess cover.  With an annual policy you’re able to reclaim the excess you’d have to pay in the event of an accident or your car being stolen.  The annual policy costs less than a weeks cover from a rental company in my experience.  I used insurance4hire for my policy.
  3. Check mobile phone costs for the country you are travelling to.  I use Three who now have a whopping 42 destinations where you can use UK allowance for free!
  4. Apply for a credit card with no abroad fees and charges – this will save you a fortune and you get a better rate than buying currency.  There are several on the market at the time of writing, Halifax Clarity Card currently has no cash withdrawal or abroad fees worldwide.
  5. Check on line for the best currency rates – often places will price match too.

Useful Websites

  1. GOV.UK foreign travel advice – a great site that you need to take a look around as there is so much useful information on there.  It includes items such as safety and security, local laws and customs, entry requirements, health, money etc for each country.  British nationals can also contact a travel advise team.
  2. fitfortravel – contains loads of travel health information for people travelling abroad.  Just search for your destination and find details of immunisations, news, malaria and other health risks and loads of other resources.
  3. Masta Travel Health – check travel vaccine requirements, prices and locations of clinics.

Travel Tips

  1. Keep a copy of your passport / driving license / eye prescription / medication prescription / travel insurance policy / home insurance policy etc on your mobile device.  You can do this by taking an image of the items / or storing the PDFs.  I also save a copy to Dropbox incase you lose your device or it becomes faulty.  Share the dropbox link with your travel buddy incase they need to access your details in an emergency.
  2. Carry a small supply of any medication in your hand luggage in case you get delayed or your hold luggage goes astray.
  3. Back up your laptop / phone / tablet while you are travelling.  Just think how gutted you would be if you lost all that important info and photographs.
  4. Learn a few words in the local language – it goes a long way.
  5. This one always makes me laugh, but don’t leave home without putting a spare pair of underwear in your carry on luggage!
  6. Carry a note of your accommodation address prior to going out for a few beers.  I can’t be the only one who has struggled to remember where they are staying when it’s home time?
  7. Carry a simple first aid kit if you are going off the beaten track.
  8. Share when travelling with others – who needs 2 cans of deodorant and 2 tubes of tooth paste!
  9. Make sure you pre plan your trip and also ask locals and other travellers for their tips on places to go and where to eat (much cheaper and better than the tourist traps).  Don’t regret missing a place you wish your had visited.

Money / Bank Cards

  1. Check that your expiry date isn’t up during your travel dates.
  2. Always advise your bank when you are going abroad so your transactions aren’t blocked.  This can now be done online with many banks.
  3. Don’t have one person carrying all the cash & cards.  Split between you in case of loss or theft.

If you have any travel tips you feel would be useful for me or others, please get in touch.

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