Amsterdam Foodie

Travelling with a camera in Amsterdam can certainly make you hungry!  And a delight for all you foodies.  A few of the local dishes that you must try while in this great city.

Dutch Split Pea Soup

or Erwtensoep as it’s know locally.  Made with split peas, vegetables and pork, this yummy soup is traditionally served on New Year’s Day in the Netherlands.  However, you will also see it in abundance throughout the cold months.  The locals say you should be able to stand your spoon up in it – the thicker the better!

Dutch Apple Cake

A large slice for me please!  I loved that you can see it’s apple, rather than the usual mushed to death filling we see in many English pies and cakes.


are traditional small dutch pancakes made with a batter.  They are spongy and light unlike the thicker American pancakes.  Served sweet with icing sugar and butter or savoury with Gouda cheese.


You can’t walk down a street in Amsterdam without passing a cheese shop.  Gouda, Edam and Leerdammer are names you may recognise, however, there are many more.

But, did you know that the Dutch have been making cheese since 400AD?  And that the Netherlands is the largest exporter of cheese in the world?

Some more cheesy facts:
– Gouda accounts for half of the cheese produced in the country.
– Edam takes 2nd place for production at over 25%and is named after the town of ‘Edam’.
– The holes in maasdammer are made by a bacteria that is released  during the maturing process.
– Dutch smoked cheese is made by melting, smoking and then reconstituted into sausage shapes and covered in a brown skin.

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