Luang Prabang Bamboo Bridges

During the dry season in Luang Prabang (December to May approximately), local families build 2 bamboo bridges across the Nam Khan River, just before it meets the mighty Mekong.

You can cross for a small price (40p and 80p return), rather than taking the long way around. Tuk-tuks in LP are expensive comparatively speaking to a much longer minivan trip. E.g, a 6-hour minivan journey to the city is 1 million kip (£8). A short, 5-minute ride into the city centre is £4.

The bridges are rather bouncy and rickety. But they are great fun, a fab place to people watch and an excellent spot for photographs.

Check out the videos of me crossing the bridge and practising my Laos! I couldn’t have set the kids up shouting hello from the other side if I had tried – just perfect!

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