Travel & Valuables Security

This one made me smile.  Grabbed the safe instructions for set-up and also grabbed the safe at the same time.  Mmmm not very safe :-).

Hints & Tips:

Carry a cable with secure ends when travelling – mine is a steel cable with a plastic coating. Secure your luggage to an immovable object or something large, so it wouldn’t go out of the door or be noticed as suspicious!  I feel this is more secure than using the accommodation safe – there is always a bypass code or key for when customers forget.  Remember to carry an additional padlock for closure.  Also, use the cable when travelling on public transport.  I’m sure we all have a nap at some points – even if we don’t like to admit it!  It is very easy for someone to walk off with bags unnoticed.

If you use a rucksack, carry another small padlock (I prefer the combination locks as you don’t have to worry about keys). I find that if the rucksack is heavy, the zips come apart – this makes it either easily accessible or items can drop out.  Secure the zips with the padlock and this sorts both potential issues.  Also, it stops the bag being opened by pickpockets – not easy to spot when it is on your back.

Annie Wilcox holding a hotel safe that is not bolted down cable and padlocks for luggage security luggage & rucksack secured by cable and padlock
It is law in many countries for you to carry your passport on your person.  Not sure if this is the case?  The UKs Gov.UK website has some great travel advice information available. Pick the countries you are visiting and it advises you on:
  • Safety and security
  • Terrorism
  • Entry requirements
  • Local laws and customs
  • Health
  • Money
  • Natural disasters
  • Travel advice help and support

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