Bydgoszcz Food & Street Art

Bydgoszcz was another surprise street art find when travelling with a camera.

Champion's Breakfast street art on building
Champion’s Breakfast

I always like to ask recomendations from the locals where they would eat, rather than going to the usual tourist traps.  Chatting to the very helpful lady in the Tourist Info Centre, located in the main square, I also came away with a bonus – the ‘Alternative Route’ leaflet on the city.  So off I shot, to check out the street art.  You can download or view the leaflet by clicking here.

What I love about cities and towns with street art, is that it takes you to areas that you wouldn’t usually see.  And thats what I enjoy most when travelling, also seeing the non tourist bits – you can find some really interesting stuff.

Self Assesment street art on buildng
Self Assesment
Peter Pan street art on tower block
Peter Pan
Birdy street art on house
Be Silent street art on house
Be Silent

And back to restaurants, Karczma Młyńska on Mill Island and Katarynka, in the main Old Market Square, are not to be missed.  Both served up amazing local fare, excellent service and great prices.  Make sure you book on weekends, they get very busy – you don’t want to miss out on these two.

My foodie recommendations – at Karczma Młyńska, try the delicious goose or pork knuckle. Portions are huge – you have been warned! And at Katarynka, the pierogi dumplings are scrumptious.

Annie Wilcox Eating Pierogi Dumplings
Annie Wilcox Eating Pierogi

The other food that I must recommend while in Poland is their Polish Sour Rye Soup.  I must admit, it doesn’t have the most appealing title, however, it is so tasty.  It even comes served in its own loaf, which you can see the remainder of here!

Annie Wilcox eating Polish Sour Rye Soup in a loaf
Was Polish Sour Rye Soup!

Look out for more on Bydgoszcz in a future post.


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  1. Hi,
    I’ve spent a very enjoyable hour or so catching up with your travels. You are a professional photographer…..just need the commissions! I particularly liked the video clips, Motor Valley and you with Guy Gorilla! Let’s hope you have forgotten about Lambrusco by now. Great to see you enjoying life. Hope to see you soon.

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