Toruń was established in 1233 by the Teutonic Knights, making it one of the oldest cities in Poland.  A great place for an inexpensive city break and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The Old City Market Square is a site to behold with amazing architecture.

The nearest international airport is Bydgoszcz, 45kms west.  Toruń can be easily reached by train in less than an hour from here, and costs around £1.50 for the trip.

statue of Elżbieta Zawacka
Elżbieta Zawacka

Elżbieta Zawacka – what an amazing lady.  As always when travelling with a camera, I learn so much by investigating who or what a statue is for.  I came across Elżbieta and did just that.

Born in Toruń in 1909, living until the ripe old age of 99, Elżbieta was a freedom fighter in World War II.  She was also known by her nom de guerre, Zo.  Zo couriered documents from occupied Poland through to London.  

The only female in the Cichociemni – elite special operations paratroops of the Polish Army in exile.  They were formed in Great Britain during WWII to operate in Poland.  Zo even went through parachute training and on the 10th September 1943, dropped back into occupied Poland.  Take a look online and learn more about her moving story.

The Flogging Donkey, bronze statue in the main square
The Flogging Donkey

The bronze donkey in the beautiful Old City Market Square is an interesting tale.  Many tourists sit on the donkey for photo opportunities, without realising its true meaning.  Historically, this was a wooden donkey in medieval times where criminals were strapped and flogged!

You must try the yummy local cuisine while in town.  Pierogi dumplings and Polish Rye Soup served in its own bread bowl.

Check out my Toruń city VLOG to wet your appetite for a visit.  

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