Rabat History & Backstreets

If history is your thing, Gozo has a fascinating one which can be traced back to 5000BC. Many have been here, the Romans, Arabs, Europeans, Knights of St John and the English to name a few.

In 1551, Gozo suffered its worst siege in history. In July, the citadel in Rabat (also know as Victoria), Gozo’s capital, was besieged by the Turks of Sinam Pasha. The medieval walls were easy prey and the entire population, circa of 5000, were taken into slavery.

One of my favourite pastimes which I never never get bored of, is wandering the backstreets of Rabat. You just seem to find something or someone interesting or new ever time.

On one such wander, I came across Antoinette Portelli sitting outside her house in Triq L-Arċipriet Cassar, where she was born and still lives. Antoinette is 86 years young and has been making lace since she was a young girl. She invited me to watch her for a while and I chatted to her about her life and lace making. Antoinette proudly shows me a copy of the front cover of The Gozo Magazine which she has appeared in several times. I have never seen such nimbles fingers throw those lace bobbins around – an amazing sight to watch.

Antoinette Portelli Lace Making

Please take the time to chat when you are out and about – you meet some amazing people with fantastic stories to tell.

Here are some iPhone shots from my last few travelling with a camera visits into the city.  Edits have been done in Snapseed – a great iPhone editing app.  

Rabat Statues
Rabat Statues
Cafe Jubilee in Pjazza l-Indipendenza
Rabat Backstreet
Standard Gozo Transport
Villa Rundle Garden
Villa Rundle Garden

My expectations of the iPhone 7 Plus camera certainly have been exceeded.  It enables you to always have a camera available for use and still get excellent results.  Click here to read my review of the iPhone 7 Plus.  

You can find out more about the island’s fascintaing history by clicking here.

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