Crossing the Laos / Thai border

Crossing the Laos / Thai border at Huay Xai and Chiang Khong was interesting. You go in slightly blind – pay someone 85,000 Kip, just over £7 and you are not really sure what will happen next.

Anyway, it ran like clockwork. You are picked up in a tuk-tuk from your hotel. You pick up a few more friends on the way, until no one else could fit in! You are then driven to the border point where you have to officially exit Laos. The tuk-tuk driver then miraculously appears on the other side and gives you a sticker for your shirt, tells you to get on a bus and bids you farewell.

The bus takes you over the friendship bridge where you have to clear Thai immigration. You exit and a man is wandered around checking your stickers and points you to a minivan. Voila, it worked seamlessly without you having a clue what is going on.

A lovely 2-hour drive to Chiang Rai through the countryside. You are dropped at one of the town bus stations, then into barter mode for a tuk-tuk to your accommodation. Just be careful on entry, they don’t hang around for you to be seated…

Annie Wilcox at the Thailand and Laos border controlAnnie Wilcox Crossing the Laos / Thai border

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