Deal, Kent

Deal is a very well preserved Georgian seaside town 8 miles from Dover. You can witness the stunning white chalk cliffs to the north and south from the long stretch of pebble beach seafront – a great place to wander and take in the architecture, history & charm of the town.

Famous people associated with Deal:

* Lord Nelson & Lady Hamilton often stayed at the Royal Hotel.

* Charles Hawtrey, famous from the ‘Carry On’ films retired here in the 1980s.

* Norman Wisdom ran away from his children’s home aged 11. He returned after leaving school at 13 to become a grocery errand boy in the town & continued to visit over the years.

* Charles Dickens, Samuel Pepys, Daniel Defoe & William Cobbett all visited Deal in the 17th/18th/19th centuries and wrote, quote; ‘wore as dull an appearance as any place I ever saw’, ‘pitiful’, ‘should be ‘pulled down’ ‘the most villainous place’. Thankfully that isn’t the case today!

Places to check out during your visit:

* Deal Castle
* The Royal Hotel
* The flora at The Kings Head / Dunkerleys / The Port Arms
* Embracing the Sea statue by Jon Buck at the entrance to the pier
* The Timeball Tower Museum
* Quaint town streets, shops, cafes & restaurants
* Military, Naval, Maritime & Smuggling history.

A great day out!

Check out my Kent VLOG below to see my iPhone photographs from the area.

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