Kuang Si Waterfall & Bear Rescue Centre

A 45-minute drive, 30 km south west of Luang Prabang, takes you to the picturesque Kuang Si Waterfall. The minivan journey costs less than £4 and entrance fee £1.75.

The first attraction is the Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre which is run by ‘Free The Bears’. Here they look after Moon Bears that have been rescued from poachers who sell them for their bile in Chinese medicine.

The main fall is 60m high and cascades into several smaller drops and turquoise pools – you can swim in several of these. If you are feeling fit, take the steep climb to the top of the falls for great views.

Trips usually last around 3.5 hours and leave at 9am / 1130am / 130pm. Take the early tour if you prefer fewer crowds or the 1130am if you want to swim – let the temperature rise a little as it’s chilli first thing.

There are plenty of places outside the falls to grab some refreshments and street food.

A great trip out from Luang Prabang.

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