Statues of San Marino

I love a good statue when travelling with a camera.  However, these wonderful statues in San Marino historic centre really caught my eye and enthralled me.

That is one thing that photography, travel and blogging has enriched me with.  Rather than just taking a cursory wander around the sights of a new town, city or village, it has made me want to learn more about the history and background.

Alle Vittime Del Bombardament – To The Bombing Victims
San Marino was incorrectly bombed by the British in June 1944.  The state depicts a young woman trying to save herself and her small child from the 263 bombs that were dropped.  There were 63 deaths and this statue remembers the fallen.

Statue in San Marino of lady showing breasts holding small baby
Alle Vittime Del Bombardament
Grande Nudo Femminile (Big Nude Female) by Francesco Messina
Francesco Messina was born in 1900 and died at the age of 95.  Messina was considered one of the most important figurative sculptors of Novecento –  an Italian art movement.  His sculptures can be seen in many famous museums across the globe.

Grande Nudo Femminile by Francesco Messina, statue of nude lady in San Marino
Grande Nudo Femminile by Francesco Messina
Beslan Children in the Sculpture by Renzo Jarno Vandi 
The statue commemorates the Beslan school siege in Ossetia, Russia from 1 to 3 September 2004.  The siege involved the illegal imprisonment of over 1,100 hostages, 777 were children.  It sadly ended with the death of at least 385 people which included 186 of the children.

Statue of young boy in anguish
Dedication to the Children of Beslan
Bartolomeo Borghesi  by Giuseppe Romagnoli
BartolomeoBorghesi born 1781, was an Italian antiquarian who was a key figure in establishing the science of numismatics – the study of currency. Borghesi retired to San Marino, where he died in April 1860.

Statue in San Marino, man holding a book
Bartolomeo Borghesi

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