Trebević Cable Car Sarajevo

The original Sarajevo Trebević cable car opened in 1959. By the time of the 1990s Seige of Sarajevo, millions of people had ridden the line to enjoy the amazing views from the mountain. It had also been a key part of the 1984 Winter Olympics.  Check out my trip:

One of the first victims of the war was Ramo Biber. He maintained the top station and was killed by JNA forces on 2 March 1992. The cable car was sadly destroyed during the early days of the war, and Mt. Trebević found itself on the front line.

Post-war, the mountain was covered in mines and divided between entities so not visited. With lack of funds and desire, any renovation stood still for 25 years.

The new cable car opened its gondolas on 6 April 2018. The trip takes 7 minutes, costs £9 return for tourists, elevation 1160m and 2200m in length. The Vidikovac station is named in honour of Ramo Biber.

The views are stunning…


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